Frequently Asked Questions

What is TradeCrew?
TradeCrew is a private yet free trading community for active traders, short and long-term investors, and those who are just getting into trading. TradeCrew was found by a group of traders with 50 years of combined trading experience. Our professionals share their analysis and their insight with our members every day on TradeCrew via chat, live alerts, and our exclusive CrewPlan.

What is CrewPlan?
CrewPlan is an exclusive trading plan that covers most traded stocks, our members receive a free copy each morning before the market opens. CrewPlan shows daily support and resistance levels for each stock mentioned, as well as possible both bullish and bearish price targets. For more info on how to use CrewPlan please check our short video about it here.

Is there a mobile app?
Yes, we offer a free state of the art mobile app for iOS that can be found on the AppStore here. The mobile app provides push notification alerts for important messages, buy / sell alerts, support / resistance numbers, options sweepers, CrewPlan, and more. If you are an Android user, we do not offer an Android app currently, however, it is in the works. If you still wish to receive trade alerts, we offer an SMS option that you can register for by navigating to the “Account” page on the website, and clicking “Purchase CrewText” for more information.

I have the mobile app - how do I get free trade notifications?
Ensure you have enabled push notifications after downloading the app when it prompts you. If you accidentally hit no, just go to Settings > Notifications > TradeCrew and make sure “Allow Notifications” and all other switches are ON (Green).

What is CrewAi?
CrewAi is world’s first hybrid mobile Artificial Intelligence that uses proprietary algorithms and methods to scan the markets and issue price targets on selected stocks. CrewAi is developed by TradeCrew Ai labs here in Orlando, FL by our professional development team alongside our experienced traders. We have our own developers and a group of professors from selected Universities. It is created 100% in-house and will be available to our members in the first quarter of 2018. To learn more and pre-order your CrewAi, please click here.

What is CrewSchool?
CrewSchool is an online trading school that helps you take your trading to the next level. It was designed by psychiatrists that worked closely with Wall Street traders. The purpose of CrewSchool is to help you master your mind to turn you into a confident trader all while teaching you basics of trading. In addition to these valuable curriculum, we also give you the necessary tools to help trade the markets, such as chart education. You can learn more about CrewSchool and enroll here.

What are CrewPatrons?
CrewPatrons are official professional traders of TradeCrew, they share their trades, analysis, and more with our members on TradeCrew.com via their own chatrooms or live alerts. To opt-in/opt-out to Patron alerts, just go to your account on TradeCrew.com. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] , most emails are replied within a few hours. We are here to help and pay it forward, if you like TradeCrew, please invite your friends and family, and help us spread the word. We appreciate your continuous support and thank you for being a part of The TradeCrew Family.

Are there any hidden fees? Why it is free when many other services charge for access?
TradeCrew is absolutely free and its ran by a group of traders who are just paying it forward, our ultimate goal is to be a great private social network rather than a paid service. We offer some paid content to enhance your experience and for those who would like to take their trading to next step, but our base membership is free and includes live trade alerts, CrewPlan, and many other features for you to trade and profit from the markets.

Why is TradeCrew so selective about trade alerts and what is the return so far in 2017 for alerted plays?
TradeCrew strives to only alert “sure trades”, most of our members come from paid services where they lost their life savings, we try to help them rebuild their accounts and steer them away from over trading and gambling. So, if the probability of success of a trade is low, we don’t alert it. We don’t want to just help our members make money, but also build back their confidence. That all being said, we have alerted more than 400 plays in 2017 with over 22000% combined returns. So far, we’ve had one break-even play, one loss, and the rest were all alerted with the potential for profits. We expect 2018 to be a better year for our community.

How do you guys pick your stocks and trades?
Our group of traders have over 50 years of combined experience. We work together to find profitable setups, reversals, unusual options activity, dark pool activity, and more. Our Ai division then takes all these into consideration and uses our proprietary algorithms to further scan the stocks we are interested in, which then result is super accurate price targets and setups.